The Business Unit ATB of DrinkStar GmbH has successfully been acting as a sales and servicepartner of Lanxess (formerly Bayer Chemicals AG) for the marketing of Velcorin® (for the cold sterilisation of non-alcoholic drinks and wine) for more than 30 years. The distribution areas are Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Eastern Europe, Scandinavia, CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States) as well as Benelux.

The manufacturer, therefore, faces the constant challenge of developing new drinks that will still quench the thirst, have a refreshing taste and increasingly also have a nutritional benefit. Non-alcoholic drinks are so prone to microbiological going off. As a result, not only the properties of the beverage are spoilt, but the health of the consumer may be at risk.

In addition to the pasteurisation, hot fill or addition of persistent preservatives, cold sterilisation with Velcorin® during the filling process of non-alcoholic beverages, wine, wine- and beer – mixed beverages is another option that has proved effective. Even at low concentrations Velcorin® (dimethyl dicarbonate / DMDC) is highly effective in eliminating typical beverage-spoiling germs. Once added Velcorin® to the drink, Velcorin® breaks down completely into small amounts of methanol and carbon dioxide, which, in any cases, are natural constituents of fruits and vegetables, juices and juice beverages. For this reason, neither the taste, the odour nor the colour of the drinks is affected. Velcorin® can be used in any type of non-alcoholic beverage, like still and carbonated fruit-juice-containing drinks, iced tea, isotonic drinks as well as alcoholic or non-alcoholic wine and wine based beverages, beer mix beverages and much more besides.

Velcorin® is compatible with all types of packaging from glass, metal or plastics such as PET and PVC to laminated packaging. Velcorin® is added to the cold drink just before filling by special metering-systems. The use of Velcorin® is approved for a wide variety of different drinks in Europe, USA and many other countries. Important organisations like the EU Scientific Food Committee, the FDA in the USA and the JECFA of the World Health Organisation have documented the safe use of Velcorin® in drinks.

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